Guild Wars 2

I created a new signature for my GW2 guild site:
Sweet Xana
these are acknowledgements of what I used in its creation. It's not really an explanation of how I did it, but you can easily figure it out from this info.

First off I used gimp V2.8.2 (the current version at the time):
it's free, and awesome. There are also a lot of users and therefore a lot of help and add-ons.

There are many sig tutorials but I used this tutorial by TheKoopaBros.'s:

and I used a special brush by pookstar in gimp for the background from here:

The font is grobold by Guy Buhry found here:

The character picture and the "mesmer" icon are from guild wars 2 and are copyright of arenanet.

I think the result is awesome. thanks for the great tutorial, brushes and font.

Imbed Info:
this is for me so I don't have to remember how to do this every time. although I don't believe I'll use this sig in anywhere but HoH as the main gw2 forums don't allow pictures in their sig's.




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