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Currently playing elder scrolls online and loving it. I am playing with the haven of heroes folks. I normally don't create character backgrounds but I find myself wondering about them with certain characters I have created. The two in particular are my wood elf nightblade, xana shadowblade and my high elf templar xana redstar.


I am a big gamer and I have been playing skyrim. I played when it first came out and just recently have been re-playing it. Now I have some friends playing new vegas, and since I never finished all the dlc content I am re-installing it. I have listed what mods I will install, (fallout new vegas mods) some are just interesting and are bookmarked only. some like the hair mods are maybe, no since installing them all if I am not going to use them. The face textures are only if I don't like the default face.

Guild Wars 2

I created a new signature for my GW2 guild site:
Sweet Xana
these are acknowledgements of what I used in its creation. It's not really an explanation of how I did it, but you can easily figure it out from this info.

Can't Wait

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for the early access of The Secret World. I haven't been following it but a few weeks. But I am very excited to get to play. I have settled on thee weapons, rifle, blade, blood. It looks great, graphics wise. I also have warmed up to the quest system, and the 7 active, 7 passive game play. I can't wait.


I enabled the forums section of the site. Enjoy.


I bought Digital design (verilog) and a baysys2 board from digilent.com to learn fpgas. I plan to re-create my electronic dart board using a cheap 640x400 graphics lcd I got from allelectronics.com.


I am spending a little money to upgrade my computer. I have just intalled 4G of memory, a new power supply and a video card. I bought an Nvidia GForce 9000 series card. I installed it in a machine running linux (slackware) and it ran right the first time. I don't have anything to run and test the video yet. I would like to load TES4:Oblivion but I only have a copy for my xbox. I can't find a copy for the pc locally. I had to order one from bestbuy. Maybe i will download tuxracer and try it. Maybe soon I will finally upgrade slackware to 12.2. I usually buy the dvd's since I like it so much.


:bigsmile: I have had some success with my shooting timer. It works great. I have been using a 9V battery for power. Although with the lcd backlight on it only lasts for about a half hour. Not sure with it off. I will post that circuit and program soon.


:D fallout 3 is an awesome game. I have downloaded and played the first two dlc's. I can't wait for the last one to come out. Although, that will be the last one. I wonder what they will be working on next? I would like to see another elder scrolls. Although after fallout, they could probably make any game and do it well.


I tried to move drupal from a sub-dir to the root of my website. What a mess! I finally did get it though. It really was as simple as moving the files over and changing the settings in one file. But it didn't copy one file right and it messed things up for a while. I also got all my color correct in the modules so that they are readable. I think I will re-arrange the url aliases a little and that should be it. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :beer: :beer:

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