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Uploading flash

I almost got a little upset when I couldn't upload any flash videos. Then I remembered php's limit. The flash-node module allows you to upload videos directly to the directory and then run the import flash page from the content management menu to add them to the database. good thing :X .


I dove into editing the css files today to put the last finishing touches on the site. I have installed firebug which is an awesome program. It should enable easier changes of the css (or any) file changes.


:beer: :bigsmile: I have added a seperate login page. That way since most people aren't going to login anyway the login is there but out of the way. I still have yet to get panels working. I guess I will just have to put up with the way it is. I believe that I have all the permissions the way that I want them. Only time will tell. I would like to find a way to get my flash videos to be used as attachements.


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: I believe I have everything the way I want it. I have a file manager area, embedded video, review pages, project pages and everything can be commented. I wonder if I should submitt this page to search engines?

Moving along

I have added a few more modules to drupal. I have two gallery modules and am not sure which one to use. Since I have no pictures to post I guess I don't need any. I will probally get rid of gallery and gallery2 since it's not working. I don't have access to image manuiplition software.

Everything's new

I have installed drupal the other day and I am very overwhealmed. I am not sure what all I want to put in this site though. There is a lot to learn.

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