Lilmyra’s Guide to Natural Healing

I copied this here because of this posting (6/6/2011) dcuosource has been down for a while now)

Version 0.79 (updated 24 February 2011)

Since the full guide is so long, I've provided a shorter Quick Guide here. Please note that the Quick Guide does not replace the main guide.

I'm starting to see people do research I've already done. Save yourself some effort and read the full guide.

Introduction: This guide is meant to eventually be complete and comprehensive. As a level 30 Nature Healer, I've tried straight

Shapeshifting and am now a hybrid. I’ve only healed Alerts and Duos. However, while I can’t personally vouch for PvP or Raid healing, many

of the healers who post on this thread or are linked in the guide have done both. I plan to update and continue working on it as I increase

my experience, get feedback, and steal from...err am inspired by other’s work.
Thanks are owed to DoctorComics, ryuuis, Scrump, Rue, Coffee, Tinygod, Demarius, and Blitzy.

Thanks to DCUO Source for being awesome and BioHunter for giving us the sticker of approval.

Please let me know if you find anything confusing, missing, or wrong with the guide. I can't fix problems I don't know exist.

Table of Contents:

-Comparison to Sorcery
-In General
----Stats for End Game Armor
----My Current Build
-Player versus Player
-Official Guides
My To Do List
Change Log

Comparison to Sorcery: I don't have enough experience with Sorcery to make a good comparison (yet), but the Sorcerers all seem to be pretty

happy on the forums. However, I do know that they can't turn into a giant gorilla (hint: we can).

If you're a Sorcerer looking for some basic healing information, I suggest checking out the Stats, Iconic Powers, Weapon Skills, and

Movement Skills sections.

In General: Work in progress.

Rue and Demarius have been cool enough to share their experience and testing.
Rue's Posts: One (updated 22 Jan) Two (updated 22 Jan) Three (24 Jan) Four (updated 02 Feb) (Rue has done extensive testing on a number of

things, and I highly recommend checking out his posts. I plan to integrate more of his information into the main guide when I have more

Demarius' Posts: One (19 Jan) Two (24 Jan) Three (30 Jan)

The downtime on 01-26-2011 fixed the dodge-healing bug.

Scrump's Guide to Being a Naturalist includes Stats, Raid Heals, PVP Heals, Simple beginners guide, and Weapon notes. (updated 21 Feb 2011)

Check out Coffee's guide to level 30 content (updated 05 Feb 2011).

Stats: Go to your inventory and then click on the Stats tab to see your stats. Click on a stat for an explanation of what it does.

Restoration: Good Stuff. You're supposed to get 1% increased healing for every 4 Restoration, but my testing has shown only about a third

of the advertised increase. This should be the primary stat you look for on equipment. Base Restoration at level 30 is 740 (base

Restoration at level 1 is 185).

Power: Known in other games as mana, Power creates the pool of energy you spend for your abilities. The more Power you have, the more you

can use abilities. If two pieces of equipment have the same Restoration, pick the one with the higher Power. All characters have 1000 base

Power, regardless of level or powerset.

Health/Defense: Both are helpful for staying alive as well as meaning less time spent healing yourself. A significant increase in these is

probably worth a slight drop in Power/Restoration.

Vitalization: Affects Power regen. Nowhere near as important as Power and Restoration, but still useful. Rue has found even a small bit can

make a difference in Power regen from weapons, Pterosaur form and cola.

Might, Dominance and Precision mean nothing to you as a healer, though Might and Precision are useful for your Damage role.

Critical Healing Chance: Not shown on the Stats tab. Comes from weapon tree bonuses or Empathic Healing. My testing puts base Critical

Healing Chance around 5%.

Critical Healing Magnitude: Sometimes called Critical Healing Effect. Not shown on the Stats tab. Comes from weapon tree bonuses or Miracle

Worker. My testing puts base Critical Healing Magnitude around 30-40% (which is what Rue's testing got).

Harley’s Highkickers comparisons: While I was wondering about which stats were important, I saw a suggestion on the forums to check the

high end gear available. Here is a comparison of the boots sold by Harley Quinn (Mark of Distinction vendor). All of the other Distinction

gear have the same ratio of stats.

Unspecified Role (which probably means DPS)
213 Defense
65 Health
34 Power
17 Precision
40 Might

Healer Role
213 Defense
65 Health
57 Power
6 Precision
11 Might
39 Restoration

Tank Role
253 Defense
121 Health
6 Precision
18 Might
11 Dominance

Controller Role
213 Defense
79 Health
11 Power
6 Precision
11 Might
25 Vitalization
14 Dominance

Stats for End Game Armor:

810 Marks of Victory (PvP; Ursa, )

Defense 626
Toughness 1630
Health 854
Power 211
Precision 42
Might 85
Restoration 119

400 Marks of Triumph (Duos/Hard Mode Alerts; Metallo,)

Defense 1470
Health 573
Power 455+Legs (missed a number while recording info, will fix later)
Precision 51
Might 102
Restoration 343

Marks of Distinction (Raid;)

Coming Soon

Powers: 15 Power Points total at level 30. Plants and Shapeshifting each have 12 Powers, and Iconic Powers has 22. There are bonuses for

specializing in either Plants or Shapeshifting, which you can unlock by getting a final tier ability (Impaling Thorns, Swarm, or Cross

Pollination for Plants; Hive Mind, Swarm Shield, or Carnage for Shapeshifting). You can only get Plant OR Shapeshifting specialization, so

be sure to get the final tier ability of the specialization you want first.
Plant Specialization: +7% critical attack damage and +2% critical healing chance
Shapeshifting Specialization: +1% critical attack chance and +5% critical healing magnitude

When it comes to Powers and Skills, don't be afraid to experiment. Respeccing is dirt cheap, costing only $500 dollars the first time, $650

the second, $800 the third, and presumably continues in $150 dollar increments. I've done extensive respeccing, and I've found that the

cost keeps resetting to $500. I don't know whether this is intentional on SOE's part or not.

DCUO's Skillplanner is finished!

Healing Role: Damage decreased by 35%, but healing is increased by 60% (I've seen 100% in someplaces, and even use to say that here, but my

testing has confirmed 60%).
PvP: In the Healing role and your natural form or Insectoid Form you have a special advantage versus Ice and Fire power users. Your super

powers completely negate their nigh impenetrable defenses, leaving them weakened and vulnerable. Attacking them may inspire Confidence

within you, briefly increasing your damage by 70%.

Pheromones: While in Healer Role, various heals (Metabolism, Savage Growth, Bloom, Cross Pollination) apply pheromones, which offer

additional healing over time and combo with Blossom and Harvest making them more effective. The 02-22-2011 patch made it so "Pheromone

lasts for a longer duration with a decreased average healing amount".

Plants (Healing): These are all the Healing abilities (or abilities required to get to the healing abilities). You don't have to get all of

these, but I highly recommend getting at least Blossom.

Vine Lash: Encoils an enemy in a vicious thorny vine that drags them toward you. Required for Savage Growth and Blossom.

Vine Lash costs 200 Power. The poison is nice, and it can be used to grab NPCs away from their buddies to be taken out one by one.

Savage Growth: Requires Vine Lash. Summons a violent eruption of planet [sic] life to knock down nearby enemies. [Healer Role] Releases

Pheromones to promote healing over time. Required for Harvest.

Initial testing suggests that Savage Growth costs around 200 Power.

Harvest: Requires Savage Growth and level 12. Vulnerable to Interrupt. Summons a voracious carnivorous plant. [Healer Role] Removes

Pheromone effects on allies for an equal amount of healing.

Blossom: Requires Vine Lash. Restores health to the most injured group mate or yourself [I’ve heard it’s both, not or]. [Healer Role]

Removes Pheromone effects on allies for an equal amount of healing. Required for Bloom.

Blossom costs 250 Power.

Bloom: Requires Blossom and level 8. Vulnerable to Interrupt. Restores health to yourself and nearby allies. [Healer Role] Releases

Pheromones that promote healing over time. Required for Cross Pollination.

Nobody likes Bloom, don’t use it.

Cross Pollination: Requires Bloom and level 16. Creates a wave to heal yourself and all allies within range, growing in strength with every

ally healed. [Healer Role] Releases Pheromones that promote healing over time.

Initial tests suggest that Cross Pollination costs around 399.
Rue explains Cross Pollination: "Surprisingly useful in hard mode alerts.The combination of testing and digging through the combat log i

finally figured out exactly how cross pollination works. Cross pollination heals in 2 Phases the first part is a good range high accuracy

group heal that heals for approx half of blossom,the second is where things get interesting every person healed, suddenly creates a short

ranged group heal effect around them effecting everyone but themselves.Side effect is cross pollination only needs people to be in pairs

spread around the battle field to be effective and if everyone is clustered together(aka hallway) you get a mega heal consisting of 1+the

number of group members in range of each other small heals.This power ended up being more useful than bloom due to no casting time, and

ended being far more reliable than roar as a heal, so actually ended up being more efficient than both once you get used to estimating the

range on the second heal effect.With luck should only be used during miniboss/boss fights"

Shapeshifting (Healing): These are all the Healing abilities (or abilities required to get to the healing abilities). You don't have to get

all of these, but I highly recommend getting at least Metabolism and Regeneration.

Roar: Vulnerable to Interrupt. Unleashes a terrifying howl to intimidate enemies. Required for using the Shapeshifting tree.

Roar costs 225 Power. Stun and AoE damage. Useful for soloing and required for the Shape Shifting tree. It heals in Healer Role and Gorilla

Form, hitting everyone within line of sight. It can also stun an enemy. Be wary when using it as a healer since the casting animation takes

time, it can be interrupted during said animation, and it tends to draw a lot of aggro.

Pterosaur Form: Usable While Controlled. Transforms you into a flying Pterosaur with new powers and increased power regeneration. Required

for Insectoid Form.

Pterosaur Form costs 200 Power. Replaces your abilities, but it also regens power at a faster rate (which is good outside of combat and

occasionally inside combat as well) and the flying can be useful when navigating the larger Alerts (if you're not already a flyer). A quick

nitpick: Pterosaurs, Pteranodons, and similar flying prehistoric animials are NOT dinosaurs. Anyone who knows that will facepalm everytime

you call it Dino form.

Insectoid Form: Requires Pterosaur Form and level 12. Usable While Controlled. Only available to the Healer Role: Transforms you into

flying Insectoid form, with increased healing capability, reduced damage output, new weapon combos, and powers of flight. Required for Hive


Insectoid Form costs 200 Power. Comes with its own loadout, but one slot will have to go to Return to Normal (though you can switch it out

and in with another ability in your loadouts as needed, like Scrump does). Has a roughly 40% increase to healing (as opposed to the 60% in

basic Healing Role), but critical healing chance is around 3 times the base chance and critical healing magnitude is over double the base

magnitude (though further testing may prove these numbers less accurate).
Received a pulse beam combo from the 02-22-2011 Patch.

Hive Mind: Requires Insectoid Form and level 16. Dramatically increases might, healing critical strike chance, and critical healing amount

for yourself and group members.

There's still a question as to whether Hive Mind is worthwhile or not. There hasn't been a lot of testing done by many people, and the fact

that it isn't a hard heal makes it hard to figure where it fits within the healing mentality and "rotation". It's noteworthy that since it

affects everyone in the group, Hive Mind is very effective for Raids with multiple healers.

Metabolism: Accelerates healing over time for yourself and your teammates. [Healer Role] Releases Pheromones that promote healing over

time. Required for Gorilla Form.

Metabolism costs 250 Power. This is your bread and butter heal. Use it, love it. It affects everyone in your group (not sure what the range

is, or how line of sight affects it, though), and each tick has a chance to crit.

Gorilla Form: Requires Metabolism and level 8. Usable While Controlled. Transforms you into a [sic] acrobatic gorilla with increased

health, armor, and healing received, plus new weapon combos and access to both Damage and Health role powers. Required for Swarm Shield.

Useful for soloing (it makes bosses soooo much easier). It has power regeneration and seems to double my healing, but the supercharge cost

probably isn’t worth using it as a healer. Scrump suggests using Gorilla Form in a group for emergency Damage or Tanking.

Swarm Shield: Requires Gorilla Form and level 16. Usable While Controlled. Brings a swarm of insects to surround and shield your most

injured group member and yourself from damage.

Says it only affects yourself and the most injured, but I (and others) have noticed it seems to go on everyone within line of sight. Rue's

testing puts the damage absorbed around 1000.

Regeneration: Requires level 8. Usable While Controlled. 50% Supercharge Cost. Regenerates health and power over time for you and your


An absolute must, as it is the only useful healing Supercharge ability. A massive heal over time and returns some power to boot! It's been

noted that while it restores Power to others, it doesn't restore your power (it could be that SOE intended that, but I'm inclined to

believe it's a bug).

Plants (Damage): I don't suggest the abilities that haven't already been brought up already for Healing, but if you have extra points you

can grab some for Damage or Soloing.

Vine Lash: Encoils an enemy in a vicious thorny vine that drags them toward you. Power Interactions: Releases Poison Spore to cause damage

over time. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets. This bonus will last at least 5 seconds.

Vine Lash costs 200 Power. The poison is nice, and it can be used to grab NPCs away from their buddies to be taken out one by one.

Thorn Shield: Requires Vine Lash. Usable While Controlled. Power Interactions: Any Poison Spore effects on the target are spread to other

nearby enemies. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets. This bonus last for at least five seconds.

Briar: Requires Thorn Shield and Level 8. Vulnerable to Interrupt. Stuns and inflicts heavy damage from viciously thorned briars. Power

Interactions: Poison Spores to cause damage over time. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 60% until the hit counter resets. This bonus

lasts at least five seconds.

Impaling Thorns: Requires Briar and Level 16. Rakes enemies with thorns, stunning and damaging them and causing additional damage to

enemies at 35% health or below. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets. This bonus will last at least five


Chaotic Growth: Requires Level 8. 100% Supercharge Cost. Unleashes the full force of nature against nearby enemies, causing extreme damage.

Savage Growth: Requires Vine Lash.Summons a violent eruption of plant life to knock down nearby enemies. Power Interactions: Releases

Poison Spores to cause damage over time. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets. This bonus lasts for at

least five seconds.

Harvest: Requires Savage Growth and Level 12. Vulnerable to Interrupt. Summons a voracious carnivorous plant. Power Interactions: Inflicts

Poison Spore effects on nearby enemies. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 60% until the hit counter resets. This bonus lasts at least

five seconds.

Swarm: Requires Harvest and Level 16. Summons a swarm of angry insects to attack enemies. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until

the hit counter resets. This bonus will last at least five seconds.

From what I've heard this is a pet, similar to Robot Sidekick. I've also heard it sucks, also like Robot Sidekick.

Carnivorous Plants: Requires Level 8. 100% Supercharge Cost. Usable While Controlled. Traps enemies with up to eight carnivorous plants.

Shapeshifting (Damage): I don't suggest these for Healing, but if you have extra points you can grab some for Damage or Soloing.

Roar: Vulnerable to Interrupt. Unleashes a terrifying howl to intimidate enemies. Required for using the Shapeshifting tree.

Roar costs 225 Power. Stun and AoE damage. Useful for soloing and required for the Shape Shifting tree.

Primal Wolf Form: Usable While Controlled. Opens access to Primal Wolf Form: super-speed, new power combos; increased critical chance and

damage for yourself and teammates (with critical strike chance increasing with every downed enemy); and ability to stun an enemy with your

next Claw attack.

Remember that Primal Wolf Form has its own combos. The more powerful attacks are hold style combos. The super speed can be nice for getting

around if you don't already have Superspeed and haven't gotten the Fast Move abilities yet.

Canine Form: Requires Primal Wolf Form and Level 12. Usable While Controlled. Tranforms you into a canine and frees you from control

effects. As a canine you gain access to unique super powers including the ability to move about undetected for short periods of time. Your

small size increases your metabolism, providing you with increased power regeneration.

Canine Form replaces your abilities with its own bar. I never used it much, so I'm not terribly familiar with it. Scrump's noted that it

can be useful for sneaking past trash mobs while soloing.

Carnage: Requires Canine Form and Level 16. Increases damage, critical strike chance, and critical strike damage for yourself and group

members. Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets. This bonus will last at least five seconds.

This seemed to work nicely when I was using it. Group buffs are always a good addition to a group when you're Damage role.

Rampage: Requires Level 8. Usable While Controlled. 50% Supercharge Cost. Imbues you with nature’s fury! Dramatically increases damage and

critical strike chance, protects against Control effects, and regenerates Health over time.


Miracle Worker: Requires level 22. Innate. Boosts the Health amount restored by critical Healing. Permanently Gain: +10% Critical Healing


Empathic Healing: Requires level 22. Innate. Betters the odds of creating critical Health restoring effects and healing more damage.

Permanently Gain: +3% Critical Healing Chance

Wisdom of Solomon: Requires level 22. Innate. Boosts your Power pool and Power restoration effects. Permanently Gain: +25 Vitalization and

+100 Power

Powerful Resistance: Requires level 22. Innate. Increases damage necessary to knock you out. Permanently Gain: +100 Health

If you end up with extra points, more health is always good.

Nanoweave Armor: Requires Level 22. Innate. Blocks damage from enemy attacks. Permanently Gain: +50 Defence +100 Toughness

Same as Powerful Resistance. If you have extra points, defence reduces the damage you're taking (toughness is defence for PvP).

My Current Build:

Plants: Vine Lash, Blossom
Shapeshifting: Roar, Pterosaur Form, Insectoid Form, Hive Mind, Metabolism, Gorilla Form, Swarm Shield, Regeneration
Iconic Powers: Miracle Worker, Empathic Healing, Wisdom of Solomon, Powerful Resistance, Nanoweave Armor

Powerful Resistance and Nanoweave armor could easily be switched out for more heals in Plants, or some Damage abilities.

Damage: Vine Lash, Roar, Blossom, Swarm Shield, Regeneration, Gorilla Form
Healer: Metabolism, Blossom, Swarm Shield, Gorilla Form, Pterosaur Form, Insectoid Form
Insect: Metabolism, Blossom, Swarm Shield, Hive Mind, Regeneration, Return to Normal
Gorilla: Vine Lash, Roar, Metabolism, Blossom, Swarm Shield, Regeneration

Since I don't play as much as I'd like to, my build and load out don't get updated very often.
Things to note that I'm missing include: Cross Pollination (Rue's found it to be great for the end game bosses/mini-bosses), Roar on the

Healing Role load out, the possibility of Insectoid Form not really being worthwhile, lack of extensive testing on Hive Mind.

Skills: In addition to gaining levels, completing Feats will give you Skill points (100 Feat Points = 1 Skill Point).


Which Weapon? Honestly, all the Weapon trees offer various healing stats. Something to consider is how good the ranged attacks/combos are.

Range can be nice as a healer for staying out of combat, though Scrump has noticed that staying at range makes him a target in PvP. It's

also been noted that many of the weapon drops that are good for Healers seem to be Rifles. Exactly how the hit counter relates to Power

regen is still being debated. However, my current understanding is that at three different number of hits (ex: my Martial Arts requires

10/25/50 hits), the counter will change color and your Power Regen will increase until 5 seconds after you stop attacking. Slower weapons

require less hits for the color change, to prevent faster weapons from having an unfair advantage. That being said, some weapons still seem

to rack up the hit counter faster (like the Hand Blaster Pulse Beam).

Here's the various weapon trees, the pertinent healing stats they offer, and how many Skill points must be invested to get it all:

Bow: +3 Restoration, +12% Critical Healing Effect, (optional +10 Defense/Toughness) [7 points]

Brawling: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude, +25 (+15 optional) Health, +3 Restoration, +3% Critical Healing Chance [7 points]

Dual Pistol: +1% Critical Healing Chance, +45 Restoration [6 points]

Dual Wield: +48 Restoration [6 points]

Hand Blaster: +25 Health, +1% Critical Healing Chance, +3 Restoration, +12% Critical Healing Effect [7 points]

Martial Arts: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude, +25 Health, +45 Restoration [7 points]

One Handed: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude, +3 Restoration, +12% Critical Healing Effect [7 points]

Rifle: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude, +25 Health, +3% Critical Healing Chance [7 points]

Staff: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude, +25 Health, +12% Critical Healing Effect, (optional +10 Defense/Toughness) [7 points]

Two-Handed: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude, +25 Health, +4% Critical Healing Chance [7 points]

I don't know what the difference, if any, there is between Critical Healing Magnitude and Critical Healing Effect. Of note to minmaxers,

Dual Pistol and Dual Wield weapon trees only require 3 points to get to their 3 point healing bonus (+45 Restoration for the Duals, +12%

Critical Healing Effect or +3% Critical Healing Chance for the other Weapons), as opposed to all the other trees which require 4. Also

remember that whichever Weapon you choose at character creation automatically gets a skill point in it.

Multi-Weapons? All your bonuses from your various weapons skills are supposed to count, regardless of which weapon you're actually using.

If you want to do some hardcore minmaxing, it should be possible to stack healing bonuses from a number of Weapon trees if you sacrifice

Combo and Movement skills.

Check out DoctorComics weapon guide here (updated 18 Jan 2011) or at the official forums (updated 17 Jan 2011).
ryuuis also has a weapon guide with details on the combos within each weapon tree. (updated 26 Jan)
Scrump's Guide includes notes on the weapons he's tried out.

Movement (to be finished and cleaned up sometime soon, when I have time)

Acrobatics: 3 Points for the Travel Bonuses, 2 Points for the Innate Resistances, 3 Points for the Breakout Power Regens, and 1 optional

situational Power Regen Ability (Launching Roll)

Super Speed: 2 Points for Travel Bonuses, 2 Points for the Innate Resistances, 3 Points for the Breakout Power Regens, and 2 optional Power

Regen Abilities (Metabolic Boost and Whirling Dervish)

Flight: 1 (2?) Points for Travel Bonuses, 2 Points for the Innate Resistances, 3 Points for the Breakout Power Regens, and 1 optional

situational Power Regen Abilitiy (Air Burst)

I highly recommend the Fast Movement abilities (Rocket Boot Glide, Speed Force, or Supersonic). They're invaluable when it comes to

traversing the cities. That being said, if you want some heavy duty minmaxing Fast Movement doesn't do anything for Healer role itself. For

the Breakout Power Regens, 75 Power over 10 seconds doesn’t seem like very much. It’s up to you whether those points are better off

grabbing additional Weapon bonuses. You can also choose some of the various other movement abilities not mentioned, but they take up one of

your six slots on your Ability Bar and won’t contribute to healing. The Power Regen Abilities probably aren't worth one of those six slots

either, but they're something to consider.

All movement skills require level 9

Speed Force (Super Speed): By holding L3 or Num Lock in super-speed, briefly taps into the Speed Force to accelerate your transit speed

Inertial Flywheel (Super Speed): By holding Jump as you drop, converts falling energy to forward speed

Supersonic: Innate. By holding L3 or Num Lock while flying, rockets you forward at sonic speeds

Dive Bomb: Innate. Boosts you to great heights, then launches you downward at a sharp angel to attack the enemy

Breakout Mastery (All): Requires Restraint (Flight)/Knockback (Super Speed)/Stun (Acrobatics) Recovery. Innate. Allows you to recover 75

power over 10 seconds when you use Breakout in addition to any other movement recovery effect.

Restraint Resistant (Super Speed and Flight): Innate. Permanently increases statistics: Adds 10% Encase and Root Resistance

Restraint Recovery (Super Speed and Flight): Requires Restraint Resistant. Innate. Allows you to recover 75 power over 10 seconds when you

use Breakout on a root or encasement effect; only one movement recovery effect may be active at a time

Knockback Resistant (Acrobatics and Super Speed): Innate. Permanently increases statistics: Adds 10% Impulse Resistance

Knockback Recovery (Acrobatics and Super Speed): Requires Knock Resistant. Innate. Allows you to recover 75 power over 10 seconds when you

use Breakout on a knockdown, juggle or push effect; is not effect when other movement recovery effects are active

Stun Resistant (Acrobatics and Flight): Innate. Permanently increases statistics: Adds 10% Stun Resistance

Stun Recovery (Acrobatics and Flight): Requires Stun Resistant. Innate. Allows you to recover 75 power over 10 seconds when you use

Breakout on a stunning effect; only one movement recovery effect may be active at a time

Launching Roll (Acrobatics): Usable While Controlled. Releases you from from [sic] control effects and launches a counter attack against

nearby enemies. [Power Interactions] Using this power after being knocked into the air or stunned will allow you to recover 200 power over

10 seconds

Metabolic Boost (Super Speed): Usable While Controlled. 50% Supercharge Cost. Accelerates your metabolism to heal damage, restore power,

and rebuff control effects for a short time

Whirling Dervish (Super Speed): Spins you like a maniacal gyroscope, tossing aside enemies as you turn; cancels most control effects and

recovers 200 power over 10 seconds.

Air Burst (Flight): Usable While Controlled. Violently detonates a low pressure region to blast enemies into he [sic] air and free you from

control effects. [Power Interactions] Using Air Burst while restrained or knocked into the air will gain you 200 power over 10 seconds

Player versus Player: Not my strong point, but I'll try to put in what I know and add many links to others who know better. Work in


Scrump has a PvP section.
Blitzy has Hints and Tips for The Arena Healer. (updated 26 Jan 2011)

Official Guides:

Read the Official Game Guides here.

Read the online game manual here.

I fully welcome feedback, opinions, suggestions and the like. If I link to you or use your information, you should be added in the thanks

under the Introduction section.

My To Do List (in no particular order):
Rewrite Intro
Level Sorcereress so I can actually write the Comparison to Sorcery section
Reorganize section order
Write the general section; topics to include: class roles, efficiency (time vs Power), alerts/duos/raids/pvp, steal info from Rue (or

figure out how to link to a just a post), the hit counter,
flesh out stat section
Test restoration bonus to healing
Add stat information for the full end game armor sets
test out the Plants tree more
do more endgame alerts
find a league
build a computer so I don't have to borrow someone else's to play DCUO
do further testing on Power costs of abilities
fleshout the speccing section
finish, organize, and colorify the Movement section
colorify descriptions of all Nature abilities
keep on eye on this and this guide to potentially link to
work on PvP section
Resto vs Healing Mag/Effect vs Healing Crit Chance?

Change Log:

24 Feb 2011-added notation to quick guide link, Scrump's Guide updated, link to Scrump moved to General Section, link to skill planner

moved to beginning of powers section, patch info added to Pheromones and Insectoid Form, table of contents added
12 Feb 2011-updated endgame armor section, prerequisites and color added for damage abilities
10 Feb 2011-Added part of the endgame armor section, updated feedback on some of the abilities, stat information updated, updated

specialization information
08 Feb 2011-Coffee's Sorc Mini-Guide no longer exists, link removed
07 Feb 2011-Coffee's Alert guide updated, Scrump's guide updated, PvP section added, link to Blitzy's guide added, tinygod's link removed,

new/updated stuff to do, Change Log added, Quick Guide added

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Re: Lilmyra’s Guide to Natural Healing
Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:42 pm

Hero/Villain in training

Joined: Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:41 pm
Posts: 44
Was in the process of writing my own guide to nature healing you have a pretty good start to a guide so ill see if i can add some

information you are missing(updated Jan 22).

crit: every healing power has a chance of a critical when the power will do significantly more then the normal amount of healing, for the

same power cost. Base amount before modifiers of the amount of healing seem to be around 30-40%.
efficency: the Total amount of healing done to group compared to the total power cost of the power(since there are powers/situations that

can amount healed when doing comparisons of healing powers , modifiers must be compared as well)
upfront: healing is done immediatly at the end of the power animation.
Hot: Healing over time. the power heals every time unit(and each heal has a chance to crit) for a given amount of time units.
duo: an lvl 30 reuired instance mission for 2 people based on earlier solo instances with tougher enemys, mini bosses and the main boss

having additional powers and states.Main reason for doing duos is for marks, and for better equipment through boss miniboss drops.
alert: an instanced quest chain for 4 people useualy having 3+ minibosses and and main boss.
Earliest alert is area 51 at lvl 9 good for learning how to heal in groups and good source of better gear.
Raid: an 8 person endgame instance quest chain, very difficult designed based on everyone already having a full set of T1 armor.It has been

proven that a combination of pieces of t1 and better drops from hard mode alerts is enough for the first raids.
Zerg Run: where in a alert the rest of the groups think it will be easier(in general takes longer to kill a boss then if you had a tank and

controller who knew how to do their jobs in addition to healer) if everyone but the healer is in damage stance, and people just rush back

to boss area whenever they die. The goal of a healer in the zerg run is not to heal everyone, but instead to make sure during the boss

portions that at least one person is alive in the boss area at all times so the boss does not reset and go back to full health. This a very

frustrating situation to be in, learn what heal powers are the most power efficient(as your main way of getting energy during this will be

colas), and learn to block roll as you will often be the only person alive for a period of time against the boss.

Uses and basic evaluation of various powers

Blossom: this spell will be you main bread and butter heal most of the time as it heals you and the most injured person in the party, and

the healing is upfront. Also while in healing stance blossom remove the additional healing effect, and does another upfront healing on up

to 4 group members for the average total healing that would have occurred not just the amount left.

Bloom: an upfront group heal spell, penalized by having a casting time beyond the animation. Best used when 2-3 group/raid member in

addition to yourself need healing.In healing mode has a small additional hot effect added to all group/raid members in range.

cross pollination: group/raid upfront heal where the amount healed significantly increases as the # of group/raid members in range

increases. In healing mode has a small additional hot effect added to all group/raid members in range. roughly equal in efficiency to bloom

when there are 4 group members in range, most efficient healing power when there are 6+ raid members in range.

Metabolism: Group/raid Hot , unfortunately without modifiers from insect form and hive mind heal less per time unit than the average

damage(assuming the group is doing a level/gear appropriate alert/duo/raid) so in the middle of combat could be considered a way to reduce

damage taken rather than a heal. appears to be most efficient group/raid heal when less then 5 members in range.In healing mode has a small

additional hot effect added to all group/raid members in range.

Swarm Shield: Absorbs a specific amount of damage for you and the most injured person in the group/raid, while up you are immune to

interruptions cause by damage but not by control effects. If you classify swarm shield as a healing power that heal for amount it blocks,

it is currently the most efficient nature power for duos until insect form gets fixed.

Situations where heals can miss:

Healing powers can miss under 4 common situations, target not in range, target not visible(only applys to certain powers),target not in

line of effect, target doing an action that causes healing powers to miss.

Blossom and Metabolism appear to have the best range approx out to hard lock max range. Bloom, and insect shield appear to have a bit

shorter range but still good, if you are near the middle of a room you be able to heal most people in the room. Finnaly Cross pollination

and Roar appear to have the shortest range, hard to test in game but apears to be 1/3 to 2/3 hard lock range.

Every healing power if effected by line of effect, which is kind of hard to explain, in a nutshell even for powers that do not require the

target to be visible in order to hit, require there to be no nondamagable objects or terrain to be in the way. As for how much of an object

has to be between you and the target to count as in the way, it varies i have been able to heal with most of the target being blocked(only

the head was visible) to only the image of their feet being block and metabolism could not effect them then. As a side effect of this it

becomes advantages to memorize layouts for miniboss/boss areas just so you can guess if a group member you cant see directly has line of

effect or not based on position on minmap.

For both blossom and Insect shield to be reliable(under some circumstance you can effect people you cant see but much higher chance of

missing) in effecting someone they have to be visible from your viewpoint and should be realitivly centered in your view. Any non

damageable obstacles will block line of site but enemy's and objects that can be destroyed usually will not.

The most common cause of a heal missing is unfortunately target in the middle of doing certain actions(some of these actions cause the heal

to automatically miss, some just increase chances of missing) the list of actions are: Block rolling(auto miss if during middle),
lunges(as far as i can tell auto miss), any weapon combo with a movement portion to the attack or allows movement during the attack(i hate

healing dual wielders as most of the weapon combos count towards this), powers with the target of the heal moving as a side effect, target

being effected by knock back(most common to miss during beginning portion)
, most acrobatic powers and movement abilitys, and under very specific situations jumping(if the target jumps or double jump right as the

animation for the heal completes). As a side effect of the this the most easiest person to heal ive had was a range tank(hand blaster

based) that only move/dodge rolled the strongest attacks or when the enemy died.

Power regain strategys

At current moment there are 4 main ways for nature healers to regain power in combat: colas, weapon based attacks, pterosaur form , and

having a good controller in the party.

Colas at the given moment should be considered your Emergency power gain given that colas have a cool down of aprox 60's. In Any group

situation you should try to keep 1-2 full stacks of colas on hand as you will almost certainly need them for power gain during boss

fights.At Level 30 a level 30 cola gives me enough power for 2-3 heals.

Weapon based power regeneration will prob be you main recovery method, it starts when the combo counter appears and continues for 5 secs

after your last attack. The power regeneration rate does increase as the combo counter increases, but increase it not a specific number of

hits but is instead based on the level/color of the combo counter, as slower weapons(aka 2 handed) require less hits to go to the next

level of combo counter. As a side effect of the fact its based on level not hits of a combo counter, the basic attacks from all weapons

increase power regen rate at the speed, but specific multi hit weapon combos can increase combo counter faster than the base rate.A word of

Warning any power use resets the combo counter forcing you to go back to the base rate, so for faster power regen it is beter to use

several healing powers in a row if that willl give you a longer period of time not using powers to regain power.

Pterosaur form, a level 8 power in the shape shifting tree, has it main usefulness to healers being increased power regain rate, the rate

appears to be somewhere in between 3-5 times the base power regain rate after vitalization and other modifiers. Yes it apears that

pterosaur form power bonus apply after any other bonus to power regen rate, so vitalization becomes a usefull stat even in small amounts

for us. In particular the 5 sec extended power regain time from weapon attacks does stack with pterosaur form, and is the best way to

quickly regain power used to change shape.

A good usefull controller in a party is by far the best individual way to regain power as each controller tree has 2 powers to help regain

other group members power. If the controller is in controller stance the first power of each controller tree provides a power regen bonus

to entire group for about 8-10 secs whenever used, the second power that helps is useually a lvl 12 power that transfers power from the

controller to 2 group members that have the lowerst current power. Unfortunately based on my own experiences the number of controllers that

know how to improve the partys power regen rate is very very small, and i ended up teaching more controllers how to use their role than i


Each of these ways can be combined and i suggest learning for when doing duos on how to get a decent weapon combo going then change to

pterosaur form, as this is your most reliable way of gaining power back. If you are in a group with a good controller you may be able to

skip pterosaur form entirely and stick just with weapon based power regen.

Duo Stratagys:

- There are 4 powers i would suggest at current moment for duos, Swarm shield, blossom, Metabolism, and pterosaur form.I will be testing

insect form to see if it should be considered as well now that at least some of the problems are fixed.

-Swarm shield is at the current moment the most power efficent ability nature healers have acess 2 when healing/protecting 2 people. Use it

at the begining of a fight, and when the cool down ends either do a swarm shield metabolism combo to regain health efficently, or do a

swarm shield pterosaur form so you can stay longer in pterosaur form before switching back to heal.

-unless swarm shield is up get used to thinking of metabolism not as a heal but instead as a way to reduce the damage taken for a period of

time, as without insect form working(or alot of restoration gear) the amount healed per second will normally be less than amount of damage

taken even when fighting trash mobs.

-blossom will be your main heal as both you and you partner will be effected by it, as long as it does not miss. Get use to keeping your

partner in view at all times to reduce wasted heals.

-Pterosaur form will most likely be your fastest means of gaining power back get into the habit of healing both of you up, starting a

weapon combo, using swarm shield, useing pterosaur form, with timeing the weapon combo/pterosaur stack for 3-4 secs will regain the power

used to shapeshit almost immediatly, and the swarm shield will alow you to stay changed long enough to gain most of your power back.

- Always carry a full stack of lvl 30 colas with you when you enter a duo as even with a good controller a my partner and both of us

knowing all the duos i still ended up having use 1-2 colas a duo because of tougher miniboss or boss fights. With a partner that is not

optimal, or when you do not know the duo well it is likley you will need 8-10 colas during the duo. more if you die multiple times on the

miniboss/boss fights.

- Unfortunately expect to die a few times until you know the patterns of the mini boss/boss fights.

- get used to staying the entire duo in healing mode as you will need the healing efficency more than you need extra damage.

- Good roles to pair up with is anyone in dps with area attacks and knows what their powers actually do(generally a healer dps combo is the

fastest to clear a duo as long as both know the fights), a tank(generally the slowest in clearing the duo but can be the best combo for

learning the duo), or if your really really lucky a good controller(my current dedicated duo partner is a controller that knows how to do

power regen, we clear duos fast and don't die, having essentially unlimited power makes healing so much fun).

- Final tip if your partner quits the duo partway in it is better to leave the duo yourself as well and start again do to one bug that if

another person joins you they could end up back at the begining, with the mobs respawned between the 2 of you.